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Please help support Jamie’s Mission!

Jamie’s Mission

Allow me to introduce Offical Queen aka Jamie, aka @officialqueenoftiktok1 on TikTok. Jamie is spreading awareness on the homeless population in his area and has been creating care packages filled with healthy supplies, clean undergarments, and snack packs.

Over the past months, I have had the honor of following this incredible human being and developing a friendship with him. Some would say that I truly adore and love this man. They would be correct. I have become a proud parter with his efforts and in his life.

Please help Jamie with his fundraising efforts as we continue to purchase items for these care packages, share the stories of this living on the streets currently, and bring them a higher quality life, housing, and mental health resources. Something that lacks in his area he resides.

Help Jamie by donating, sharing his own personal story, and providing a safe zone for the homeless population. His story is not unique, let’s turn the invisible into the visible.

#queeniesstreethero #shareyourstory #swinginglow


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