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Pamela Jean Graham- 1951-2010

Happy Mother’s Day everyone. This is my tribute to my mom-

Mother taught me by frs

Mother taught me

Mother taught me to respect everyone
No matter the hate they spewed across the universe No matter the differences in opinion they may have had
No matter if they showed me disrespect or torment
Mother taught me

Mother taught me to smile
Even though I was dying inside
Even though I was severely depressed
Even though I was haunted by constant memories of heartache, abuse, and pain
Mother taught me

Mother taught me to rise above the nonsense and ignore others’ opinions of me
Even though the words cut deeper than the physical attacks that left cuts and bruises
Even though they beat me down like a stray dog that was stealing food from a child
Even though they bullied me to the point of exhaustion, to the point of death
Mother taught me

Mother taught me about inner beauty and identity Even though my family deemed me a black sheep and pushed me aside
Even though I feared looking in the mirror every day to see a hideous creature staring back at me
Even though I am reminded by my past every time I see the scars on my face
Mother taught me

Mother taught me how to be a human being, rather than a societal example of manhood
Even though I was taunted by others who deemed me too feminine
Even when I tried to change and become a socially masculine stud
Even when I knew I was living a lie that destroyed me inside
Mother taught me

Mother taught me to stand up for what I believe in and to always do the right thing
Even when the corrupt preach superiority and Darwinist dogma
Even when our political leaders fail the people whom they are elected to serve
Even when it is not popular to advocate for the vulnerable, needy, and disenfranchised
Mother taught me

My mother taught me it was ok not to be perfect My mother taught me by example
My mother taught me forgiveness
Mother taught me

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