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Points of Light

By Forrest Robert Stepnowski (From soon to be released “Broken Beautiful”)

How much more are we willing to tolerate?

How many more heartbreaks must our tribe endure?

We fear

We isolate

We’ve become reclusive

Self-care becomes, a mystery 


Almost a pipedream

We are glued to the news and social media

Witnessing crimes against humanity

Witnessing deaths from the virus, suicide, and violence

Violence on people who look different from the heteronormative Anglo-Saxon “beauty”

When does the chaos end?

When will the reality check finally sink in?

When will the political system stop apologizing without action?

Today, George can find peace

His truth has prevailed, and his family can find comfort

Today, justice has been served after many decades of cover ups and “justifications”

The system has started to correct itself

But this is not enough

Where are our points of light?

Where are those individuals who brought us joy, encouragement, and inspiration?

You knew them well…

Points of light are the prismatic stained-glass windows of our soul

They gleam positivity, hope, and unconditional love

They radiate a rainbow that touches our souls, hearts, and minds

In our isolation, we have lost our light

When will our society begin to heal and find comfort in one another?

No matter what differences we are perceived to have

No matter our culture

No matter our skin color or shape of our eyes

No matter our differences

We all bleed red

We need to abolish the chaos of hate and indifference

We need to inhale commonsense deeply and exhale the toxicities our forebears “taught us”

Our history is not our broken crutch or “story of victory”

Our history is our journal, so that we may learn from our mistakes

Gain wisdom

And move forward into a journey of discovery and progress

Our history is a tool to do better and not our “how to live life for dummies”, or a roadmap

Roadmap to travel down the same yellow brick road, just because Aunty Dorothy did

She would expect more from us

She would expect us to ride the rainbow away from the dark

She would expect us to continue the stories and help others grow, in solidarity

To tell stories that share both good and bad

To reach the human heart in order to achieve greatness and innovation

Honest dialog, not whitewashed…

It is not our history that holds us back

But our belief that its education is our pathway to our future

We the people…

We the people were born from immigrants, with different skin colors, religions, and experiences

We the people were misogynists, slaves, slave owners, masterminds of genocide, or interned captives

We the people must learn that our past is NOT our future

The past are the bricks that our forebears laid on our cobblestone roadway

The roadway we continue to march on in protest, in celebration, and in unity

In search of our points of light, once again

To heal

To grow

To love

Thank you for stopping by! Please stay tuned for the upcoming release of my new poetry collection “Broken Beautiful”. “Broken Beautiful” is a poetic reflection of our lives over the past year. The collection is filled with positive affirmations, perceptions on the state of our society, and reflections on our well-being related to living through COVID-19.

My site “Forrest takes a journey” is a safe place for all to explore their feelings about recent events, self care/positive affirmations, and other controversial topics. Please feel free to comment below, but please remain respectful and accepting of others who may have differing views.

Stay tuned for the next #Vlogcast “Forrest takes a journey” Episode 2 ‘Say Their Names” on Saturday April 24, 2021 on both YouTube and IGTV. Look forward in talking with you all!

Book Release towards pending May 2021!

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2 thoughts on “Points of Light- New poet works

  1. D.L. Finn, Author says:

    Powerful, Forrest!

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    1. Thank you DL! I am glad you enjoyed it!

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