Forrest takes a Journey!

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New poet works- hope you enjoy. It’s a little bit of inspiration for all of us.

Year of the Fire
By Forrest Robert Stepnowski

I sit here wondering my self worth, gifts, and strength
Fighting demons that once tried to tear me down
Fighting my past failures
Fighting my present doubts and mental fatigue
So I may rise up in my future
Am I beautiful?
Am I sexy?
Am I intelligent and compassionate?
Am I a voice of reason, hope, logic, and power?
I am the reimagined flame that fuels change and opportunity
I am all the colors of the rainbow, vibrant and filled with the auras of confidence and competence
I am the written word that inspires many to greatness
I am the Phoenix who has risen from ashes and dust, over and over again
I am the guardian of the silent and vulnerable
I am the year of the fire
The fire that burns away sadness, darkness, and negativity
The fire that destroys and defies the bullying voices of time wishes it could forget
The fire that ignites within my body, mind and soul
Yes Queen!
I am THAT fire

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