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Artwork from Handmaid’s Tale, performed by the San Francisco Opera

Handmaids’ Tale? By Forrest Robert Stepnowski

Are we living in the prequel to a Handmaids tale?

Misogyny is on the rise

Women are being silenced once again by the hands of white men

Forcing their control, “power”, dominance

Men who lack respect, concern, compassion

Men who hide in their insecurities

Stand back and stand by

He trumpeted loudly to white nationalists groups who claim to be…. proud

The commanders triumph as we become a nation of Handmaids

And the proud serve as “the guardians of the right”

Protect and serve?

In God…. we trust?

How do we pray when HATE is the sermon that is being preached?

How do we end racism when bigotry is endorsed by men in leadership?

How do we end this renewed rape culture, when our politicians say “grab them by the …,” because boys will be boys?

We are living with anxiety

We are living with terror

We are living while our breath is being taken away from us

We are living a dystopian nightmare

All lives do not matter until black lives matter equally, without persecution or murder

All lives do not matter until the lives of transgendered are protected from hunters who see blood

My sisters and brothers, I say this to you

Let your voices raise up to the rafters

Let your intolerance of injustice be your instrument

Let your song be sung until “we overcome”

Let your art be displayed so our eyes see your truth

Let your poem be written so others can read it

So people know they are not alone

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