Forrest takes a Journey!

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Thank you Rhani DChae for hosting today! I truly appreciate it.

Rhani DChae

I am thrilled to host a stop on this tour! Forrest is a wonderful poet who reaches deep inside to share his deepest, most personal thoughts and experiences with his readers.

* * *

Author “Q & A”

Why do I strive to be authentic and honest in my poetic works?

Answer: My goal is to always give a voice to culture of people I often call the silent vulnerable. These are people who usually identify as “different” according to the heteronormative society we live in. These beautiful human beings are not necessarily identified as gay or lesbian. This could be something that is even more subtle then sexual orientation or gender identity. It could be an identity where they feel like a “geek” or a “nerd”; both traits of which I find within myself. It could be an identity of a little boy who wants to be a world…

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