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January 7, 2020

About the Book:

(From Amazon): If you ever find yourself on the Strange Hwy—don’t turn around. Don’t panic. Just. Keep. Going. You never know what you’ll find.
You’ll see magic at the fingertips of an autistic young man,
•A teen girl’s afternoon, lifetime of loss.
•A winged man, an angel? Demon—?
•Mother’s recognition, peace to daughter.
•Danny’s death, stifled secrets.
•Black man’s music, guitar transforms boy.
•Dead brother, open confession.
•First love, supernatural?—family becomes whole!
You can exit the Strange Hwy, and come back any time you want.
See, now you know the way in, don’t be a stranger.

About the Author:

Beem Weeks here. I’m an indie author, blogger, blog talk radio host, Social Media Director for Fresh Ink Group, and reviews coordinator for Rave Reviews Book Club. I have written many short stories, essays, poems, and the historical fiction/coming-of-age novel Jazz Baby. I have also released Slivers of Life: A Collection of Short Stories and Strange Hwy: Short Stories. I live to create with the written word.

Strange HWY: Short Stories Book Trailer

My Review:

“Timing is everything in life. Longevity is something that isn’t guaranteed. It must be cultivated and worked on. It’s to be wanted —despite the struggle. And most importantly, it must be earned. Life and Longevity is never a given.”
from “The Nick of Time” from “Strange HWYby Beem Weeks

One of the many things I love about being a member of RRBC is the opportunity I get to read fantastic works by a variety of writers from diverse parts of the world. One of these talented author’s is the incomparable Beem Weeks. I recently read his collection of short stories, “Strange HWY” and found myself transfixed into a world where the “Twilight Zone” met reality television.

Mr. Weeks has a way of taking you on a path of enlightenment and honesty. No matter how twisted the tale may be in this beautiful collection, there is an element of realism I found breath taking. I loved all of the stories in this collection but there was one story, titled “Nick of Time” I could completely related to.

The main character in this perfectly scripted prose, named Bethany, is an 8-years-old little girl who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, upheld courage and strength as she was in the fight for her literal life. Through much treatment and struggles, she ended up in remission and lived for many years after. This was during a time where treatments for this rare cancer was still in research phases (1968), and she still survived; a miracle of her time.

Strange HWY” is filled with stories of the macabre and bizarre, as well as stories of hope. This collection is truly remarkable and will make any reader cry, laugh, tremble in anxiety, and become lost in pensive thought! To be frank, I found myself going back to reread many of the stories due to the intensity each and everyone of them had. Not only do I recommend everyone pick up their own copy of this amazing collection, I am honored to give Beem Week’s “Strange HWY” a profound 5-STARS!

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2 thoughts on “#BookReview; “Strange HWY” by Beem Weeks #RWISA #RRBC

  1. This is a fantastic review of Beem’s book, Forrest. I am nearly finished reading this one and am also enjoying it thoroughly.


    1. I am glad to hear that Roberta. Beem’s collection is an amazing piece. Thank you for dropping by!

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