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I almost forgot the SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT I posted about mid October!

I recently found out that Ingram Book Distributors picked up both of my books for commercial distribution a few months ago! What does this mean? It means local book stores will be able to acquire copies of my book for commercial sale! I found out recently some have already been selling them on their “Online Shopping” websites.

As of now, The Writers’ Workshoppe and Imprint Books in Port Townsend, WA will be selling by of my books there. They are amazing people that everyone should get to know. Their shop is amazing!

I will be visiting with King’s Books here in Tacoma, WA this coming week to see what partnership we can develop, which is also an amazing local bookshop and staple They also confirmed that both of my books are already available for online purchase on their website.

Honestly, I never thought my books would make it to mainstream distribution but look what happens when you follow your dreams. I am fortunate that these local businesses are giving me the chance. I am humbled.

“I do not own the rights to this music”
However, this songs goes with how I am feeling at the moment

Thank you everyone who have pushed me thus far! I am blessed to have you all in my life.

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