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Welcome to my new blog showcase, “Coffee Chats and Reviews.”

Today I am proud to host the incomparable Balroop Singh whom I am proud to call friend and mentor.

This is Day-7 of her wonderful “Moments We Love” Blog Tour.

I hope you all enjoy her post today and check out her newly released book “Moments We Love”

About her book:

Moments of fragrant love that stand frozen in time, of dreams that dare not unfold, of passion that fleets by, of erratic joy that we meet at the crossroads of life, butterflies of time that add color to our dark moments to scare the demons away – I have gathered all of them in this book. Some of them whisper softly to create a magical aura while spring of life sings with them, trying to wipe silent tears. Mother Nature steps in with all her grandeur to breath quiet messages of tranquility.

Each poem would soothe your emotions with élan and add a dash of color to your life. Life – that doesn’t halt for your sad moments; that just floats by. You just need to dive in to soak in myriads of moments to discover how it could ignite positive tones. All the poems in this collection are imaginary but inspired from people around me, some of whom chose to share their frustrations and tremors with me. Sometimes I could read between the lines to pen my thoughts down.

Memories and moments merge here

Today when I return to share

The glow of rainbows

Embers of emotional entreaties

And smoldering debris.

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Here I am, in conversation with my mentors, the shadows of life.

Hi Shadows, I always found you sublime. Come let’s celebrate the sunshine.

Why only sunshine? We like darkness too.

I know, you sway; you scare yet your messages are sublime.

You are transitory, you feed on our weaknesses.

The day I understood you, your reverence grew within me.

You reconnect me to the past, the bruised emotions and the lost passions.

You linger around me even when I try to brush you away. Are you so nasty to everybody?

We haunt all people.

We try to pull them into darkest corridors to acquaint them with their capabilities. When we try to trap them, when we conspire to encage them, self-awakening hits them.

Those who like to dwell in our shade realize what a torture it is live in the pool of tears but we give voice to muted desires and mental anguish.

Don’t you come like unseen robbers, with muffled exterior to enforce your influence, bringing along detachment and shattering our most valued dreams?

We just create awareness. Detachment is the other side of attachments you willingly enter into. You may try very hard to hold on to your treasures, they would slip away one day.

I remember the day you fell on all those wonderful years of delight and pride.

I can never forget the way you swept all my joys into one gigantic abyss.

We always keep the embers alive.

Even a flickering flame can guide your way and we step aside when you look at the twinkling stars, replete with hope of a new dawn.

But you create anxiety and acrimony all over the world. Your long streaks touch everyone. People watch dumbstruck.

We pervade all around humanity, challenging each one of you to comprehend the harmony of thoughts and usher in a new order of inner peace and serenity. The choice lies with you.

You have been my best pal. You have helped me so much in understanding life, in conquering my pain, in forgiving myself from all the guilt.

You made my poetry profound. You have enriched my life by making me perceptive and forgiving. How can I thank you?

You have done that by dedicating your poetry book to us. We love the title of your book – ‘Sublime Shadows Of Life.’

© Balroop Singh

About Balroop Singh

Balroop Singh, a former teacher and an educationalist always had a passion for writing.  She is a poet, a creative non-fiction writer, a relaxed blogger and a doting grandma. She writes about people, emotions and relationships. Her poetry highlights the fact that happiness is not a destination but a chasm to bury agony, anguish, grief, distress and move on! No sea of solitude is so deep that it can drown us. Sometimes aspirations are trampled upon, the boulders of exploitation and discrimination may block your path but those who tread on undeterred are always successful.

When turbulences hit, when shadows of life darken, when they come like unseen robbers, with muffled exterior, when they threaten to shatter your dreams, it is better to break free rather than get sucked by the vortex of emotions.

A self-published author, she is the poet of Sublime Shadows of Life,  Emerging From Shadows and Timeless Echoes – her widely acclaimed poetry books. She has also written When Success Eludes, Emotional Truths Of Relationships, Allow Yourself to be a Better Person, her latest poetry bookMoments We Love has just been released.

Balroop Singh has always lived through her heart. She is a great nature lover; she loves to watch birds flying home. The sunsets allure her with their varied hues that they lend to the sky. She can spend endless hours listening to the rustling leaves and the sound of waterfalls. The moonlight streaming through her garden, the flowers, the meadows, the butterflies cast a spell on her. She lives in San Ramon, California.

You can visit her blog at:

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Just a reminder to stop by her Amazon page to get your copy of her new book “Moments We Love.”

Thank you for checking today’s inaugural “Coffee Chats and Reviews” with today’s special guest, Balroop Singh.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to “MOMENTS WE LOVE” Blog Tour! @BalroopShado @4WillsPub #RRBC

  1. balroop2013 says:

    Thanks a TON for hosting me today, Forrest. I hope you enjoyed this talk with shadows of life, they teach us some profound lessons.

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    1. I am honored to host you today Balroop. And yes, shadows of life can teach us many profound lessons if we allow ourselves to be open to them.

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      1. balroop2013 says:

        We have to open up Forrest otherwise they eat into our whole world like termites.

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